ICAN – Independence Centre and Network is committed to the health and safety of our valued clients, staff and community. ICAN is following all Ministry of Health and Public Health directives and guidelines. Click here for more information.

Our Strong Community Support

Since our beginning back in 1977, ICAN has been fortunate to have strong support from the community in many ways. Our funding from the North East Local Health Integration Network supports our services in the areas of supportive housing, attendant care services outreach and independence training. Beyond that, our clients require additional supports, services and equipment -- and ICAN needs capital funds to help with building repairs and upgrades.

This is where the donations of generous community members and businesses come into play. If you are interested in helping our clients on their journey toward independence, please contact us.


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Donation Form

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Donation Form

Wall of Recognition

  • Aaron Taxi
    Agatha Luckaco
    Albert Noble
    Alex Lee
    Andre & Dianne Boucher
    Andrew Olivier Trust Fund
    Andy & Joanne Bourre
    Angele Dechaine
    Anna Gorski
    Anthony & Sonia Pawluch
    Azilda Lions Club
    Bassis & Carter
    Bellco Canada Inc.
    Benita Dellelce
    Bill & Joan Sinclair
    Bob & Gisele Lagarde
    Bob Ranger
    Bonnie Burnham
    Brad & Sharon Gerrior
    Brenda Lalande
    Bruce & Joanne Vendramin
    Brunet-McFadden Professional Corporation
    Cambrian Search Group
    Care of Jeff Stewart
    Carmen Carr
    Castle Plumbing & Heating Sudbury Ltd.
    Cathy McDonald
    CBI Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre
    Cindy Dumas
    City of Greater Sudbury
    Claire McChesney
    Clifford and Lily Fielding Charitable Foundation
    Colleen D’Angelo
    Colleen Gordon and Family
    Craig Fielding
    Dan & Deborah Suslyk
    Danielle Charron
    Danny Hull
    Dave & Donna Leon
    David & Lynda Holmes
    David Boyce
    Dibrina Sure Financial Group Inc.
    Donald MacDonell
    Donald McInnis
    Donna Christinck
    Doug & Debbie Bonhomme
    Doug & Linn Fosten
    Eileen Lynch
    Eileen Walford
    Elaine Hull
    Enrica Dewar
    FedNor Northwest
    Foligno Foundation
    Franca Ammirante
    Fraser Torosay
    Fred Burchell
    GenZanetti Family
    Georges & Carole Berthiaume
    Gerry Hunder
    Gisele Gulgar
    Gord & Kathy Lamothe
    Greg & Barb Jennings
    Greg & Sharon Baiden
    Greg & Stephanie Koett
    Haxxess Enterprise Corporation
    Helen Kolbasovsky & Family
    Holly & Kim McLellan
    Ian & Stacie Reinhardt
    In Memory of Craig Noble
    In Memory of Tillie Ticolo
    Inge Franklyn
    Innis Dumas
    Integrity Management Consulting Group
    Irene Dembek
    Jacqueline Lepine
    Jamie & Titan Malleau
    Joanfam Investments
    Joanne Walberg
    Joe & Clare Keast
    John & Linda Robertson
    John & Maryanne Sauve
    John & Pat Malysh
    Josee Brunet-McFadden
    Joseph Natale
    Juliana Weaver
    K of C Council
    Karen Noob
    Kathryn Burla
    Kinsmen of Walden
    Laura Kuzenko
    Laura Stevensen
    Lauren Burke

  • Lawrence & Mary Rabeau
    Linda Ciardullo
    Lions Club Coniston
    Lois Daggett
    Loretta Reichle
    Lorrie Petryna
    Lucy Lambert
    Lynda Easterbrook
    Lynn Buskard
    Manon Marion
    Manulife Financial
    Maria Bressan
    Maria Gorski
    Marianne Matichuk
    Marie Koncan
    Marilyn Durocher and Family
    Marion Hull
    Martha Righi
    Mary Kallio
    Matthew & Karen Doucette
    Michael & Carrie Spry
    Michelle Rabeau
    Michelle Wilson
    Mr. & Mrs. A Bass
    Mr. & Mrs. Bergman
    Mr. & Mrs. E. Massimiliano
    Mr. & Mrs. Lou Ornella
    Mr. Nero Painting & Renovating Inc.
    Murray Fielding
    Myles Property Management Inc.
    Nanette Lecompte
    Norma Valiquette and Family
    Nickel Basin Federal Development Corp.
    Nicole Guido
    Nicole Hewlett
    Northern Communications
    Oiva & Edith Saarinen
    Olga Zembrzycki
    Patricia Douglas
    Paul & Giselle Fragomeni
    Paul & Joan Scheer
    Paula & Kyle Gutcher
    Persona Communications
    Peter & Sandra St. Denis
    Project Work
    Ray & Renee Joly
    RBK Hockey Draw
    Rhea Hull
    Richard & Marie Leon
    Richard & Rita Pinard
    Richard Destefano
    Richard Fedec
    Rick Van Oort
    Rita Chauvin
    Robert & Christine Skelly
    Robert & Lynn Benany
    Robert & Jacqueline Bellisle
    Robert Hull
    Ron & Susan Tosato-Scott
    Ron Daggett
    Ronald & Paulette Pinard
    Rosemarie Walford
    Roy & Margaret Borley
    Royal Canadian Legion Branch 564
    Sandra MacMillan
    Sherry Drynan
    Steve & Lorraine Vrbancic
    Steven & Shannon Gouchie
    Sylvia Zinn
    Taisto Koskela
    Teresa Mulcahey
    Terry Pinkney
    Tessa Bonhomme
    Tessier Family
    The Boodoo Family
    The Constange Family
    The Fensom Family
    Tracey Bailey
    Union Gas
    United Way Sudbury and Nipissing Districts
    Valade Family
    Valentin Pregel
    Valley East Kinsmen
    Valley Painting & Construction Services
    Vic & Janice Skot
    Vince & Karen Pollesel
    Visionarease Inc.
    Wayne & Chantal Rancourt